Vote Nov 3rdI’LL GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS. It’s fine to talk about Trump’s inhuman and unAmerican presidency, but unless you do something, no matter how small,Trump will control all 3 branches of the US govt.

And he’ll continue to ruin all America stands for for 6 more years.

In my spare time, I launched a Twitter account for The Real American Majority—people who believe in the American democracy and sense of fairness created by our founding fathers.

Please go to and retweet one or more of my tweets encouraging The Real American Majority, We the People, to vote on Nov 3rd.

Here is a sample tweet:

1500 REASONS TO VOTE ON NOV 3rd! Donald Trump has separated 1500 children from their parents. Permanently. If he only did it to one child that would be evil enough. Vote for Democrats for the House and Senate and return children to their parents. #Nov3